3 of My Favorite Products Right Now


It really is no secret, that Coffee is my #1 obsession of all time, lol!  No matter what I do in my life, coffee is typically a part of it somehow.  Why?  I honestly couldn’t even tell you. All I know is there are a ton of reasons that make me love coffee.  It would definitely take a really long time to explain every reason why I love coffee.  None of us have time for that, so I will just continue to piece it out for ya’ll and let you enjoy pieces of my madness.  Probably best it’s that way anyway.  I’m sometimes a very hyper mess, lol!  

To get right to it, my favorite COFFEE is American Serenade.  If you haven’t heard of it, you really need to keep reading!  

I don’t know what kind of coffee you drink, but if it’s anything other than fair trade, you’re really cheating yourself out of a really amazing experience with coffee.  There are a plethora of options for fair trade coffee, so don’t get me wrong.  I know there are far more than just American Serenade out there.  I am only saying that in MY experience with fair trade coffee, American Serenade is literally in my top 3 choices!

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Our minds are constantly changing.  As consumers, there is so much to buy. We choose to buy things for the right reasons, and we also buy things for the wrong reasons. Some things we purchase, we purchase for reasons to better our health on many levels. When it comes to mind, body, and soul, there is an eternity full of products to choose from. Sometimes, we find products we can’t seem to live without, and sometimes we find products we wished we would have never used.  Either way, our minds are changing constantly.

Then, we can throw in the added distraction of being the hyper brained individual, and be extra indecisive and sometimes for the silliest reasons. I’m one of those people, lol!

Currently, here are a few of my favorite things!

I am absolutely in love with our coconut oil!  No matter what scent it has been offered to us in, I have been in love!  In fact, I didn’t even know what coconut oil was like before Posh. Now it’s got me wanting to use it for everything!  Even the grocery store kind.  I learned you can do a whole flipping lot with coconut oil!  This one is


Hydrating from head to toe, this coconut oil lets you pamper with passion. Sunflower seed oil and toning rosemary extract hydrate without clogging pores, with a light and summery passionfruit fragrance. Apply a moderate amount to skin, rub in, and watch the coconut oil melt, absorb, and hydrate. Coconut oil is a solid up to 74 degrees Fahrenheit, but body heat warms it up, allowing for easy absorption and deep hydration. May also be used sparingly in hair to smooth fly-aways and increase shine.


Tantalizing fusion of sweet passionfruit and tangy citrus


 This is included in the Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE!




A few years ago, I stumbled upon this health and wellness company, Le-Vel. Now, at the time, I had already tried dozens of other products.  From vitamins to shrink wraps and more, you name it, I’ve probably tried it. Loving the hell out of network marketing, I of course was mainly attracted to the income opportunity.  I logically knew the potential with this program on a financial level.  What I quickly learned was, no matter how much money is available, you have to be willing to self improve in order to even handle such responsibility.  I never did anything with it!  That was in the year of 2014, if I remember correctly.

Fast forward to the present, I have a very good friend who’s also a Thriver. Well when we connected we didn’t know that.  At the time of our connection as friends, we actually were support friends regarding the issue of spousal abuse and parental alienation.  See, the thing is, I used to be married to a very controlling and abusive man who in turn took my kids from me in every way he could after we were divorced.  Over the years, of course that’s not an easy thing to recover from or cope with.  When Karen came along, she literally was like the light of an angel.  So many people have contributed to my recovery over the years and I absolutely love every single one of them for it.  Karen just happen to touch that part of my soul that literally made me feel at peace with the situation and with knowing it’s okay to be okay.  It’s okay to be happy even without the life you thought you should have had.  

One day, during one of our many daily chats, I had mentioned to her that I was going to reopen my Le-Vel account and get started with it.  I think I could literally hear her screams of excitement through the computer screen.  Turns out, she’s a Thriver as well. Didn’t surprise me at all.  Thrivers are amazing people!  Cut from a very rare cloth.  So it totally made sense that Karen was a Thriver.  Turns out, Karen was not only a Thriver, but a serious network marketer as well!  I swear it was a friendship made in heaven!  I seem to be obtaining a lot of those types of friendships lately.  I thank God for this too, because at a time in my life where I really feel I am coming into a new phase of my life’s development.  I need connections that are safe and understanding and on fire to pursue a heart’s desire.

Everyone is going to know me as the Coffee Lady who sells different things. And that’s okay with me.  That actually makes me happy!  I don’t have one thing you need, but I sure got something else you do.  See how that works? Thrive for me though, was just an addition to the total care of my life and health!  Posh takes care of my outer shell. Endless Xpressions takes care of me looking fabulous and even curbing my sweet tooth. American Serenade takes care of my coffee obsession!  We all know that no matter what, Kristy cannot live without her coffee!  Duh!……Jewelry in Candles takes care of the aroma in my house and even a few pretties to boot!  So, why not add Thrive?  Thrive is taking care of me from the inside out!  Replenishing and boosting the nutrients my body needs that I obviously don’t always keep up on myself.  This is good for me. Therefore, I will share it with all of you as well!  What is good for me, how can I not share it with others!

We share things every second of our waking hours!  From the emotions in our hearts to the piece of fabric we bought from the store!  There are a gazillion things we share on a regular basis, and never ever get any credit for it whatsoever.  Why turn down the opportunity to get paid and rewarded for doing something I already do anyway!  Makes total sense to me and I hope it makes total sense to you.  I hope you’ll take a look, read it, and think about getting on board.  I am so glad I did.

THRIVE Upgrade Package  Starter Upgrade Package

Promoter Upgrade Package  VIP Upgrade Package



Below is a new network marketing hero of mine!  When I was introduced to this gentleman’s profile on Facebook, my mind was blown!  This guy is the real deal folks! No kidding!  I may not be on his team, but I truly believe just learning from him and applying what I learn to my own life and business, I have no doubt I will be be on my way to endless possibilities!  I look forward to learning everything I can and I encourage you to visit his page and take a read as well!  You won’t regret it!



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Lima, Ohio | coffeewithriss@gmail.com


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