3 Reasons To Go Back To Sleep

I’ve been up since 2a.m..  Midnight to be honest but I dozed off before waking and staying up at 2a.m.. 

I’ve actually done a few things that helps my work day go smoother.  I’m even debating on making coffee and just staying awake but I already know that will make me crabby!


It’s frustrating to have as much energy as I do with very little sleep half the time.  It’s like where does it all go?  No wonder I shake all the time.  I’m like the damn taco bell dog!  Ready to bust out of my seems. 

All I know is, I have three things I really want to achieve today.

1.  $200 in Posh Sales!!  It’s not just fun.  It’s my job!  I need this to grow. I just wish more people had the same energy as I did. 
2.  To sell at least five bags of Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans today!  My goal is ten by 3/14!!
3.  Get $50 in Endless Xpressions orders. I wish I could shop honestly.  I would be sporting all my good stuff!!


These are HUGE goals for one day!  So why on earth would going back to sleep be a good idea??

Here’s exactly why:
1.  When you’re on a mission of any kind, your brain and body goes into a chemical response transformation.  It begins to prepare.  That requires energy that you can’t get unless you are well rested.  If I plan to crush goals with a clear head, it behooves me to lay back down for a few hours at least.

2.  Midday naps can be quite beneficial, however for someone like me, that once the day starts, it’s impossible almost to get me to wind down.  I always act like I’m gonna miss something.  I inevitably get so wired during the day I might doze off anyway and waste time needed for my goal.  So to avoid any later delays or headaches, now’s the best time. 

3.  I’ll be one cranky Posh girl later if I don’t get a few hours of sleep.  We can’t be havin cranky Posh girls. 

Sweet dreams!

Maybe!  Tee hee

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