Posh Life is Poshtastic

I joined Perfectly Posh on November 27, 2015!  I’m rounding my 90 days soon, and I’m only $268 away from achieving my first level of promotion!! 



Pink Promotion, means two things right now!  It means I’ll receive a permanent 5% pay raise and closer to our Italy trip! 

I’m so excited because in the five years of being involved with direct sales, I’ve never been on a roll this much!  Sure I’ve achieved goals before, but not this fast and not this eagerly!

I’m in love with the team I’ve joined!  I really feel like they’re my family.  Which is something I’ve needed.  I found way more than just an opportunity to earn money joining this business!  I’ve also gained a family of girls who I can trust and enjoy myself with.  Ladies I can be myself around!

I’m so excited to be apart of this journey and know soon I’ll be able to fund my coffee passion and travel around this lovely place and enjoy positive connections over a cup of coffee one meeting at a time! 

Join my mission!
Lets Posh together!

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Poshing With Riss

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Kristy Fortney



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