3 Places and Their Coffee Cups

If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you have no qualms tasting different types of the beautiful brew, anytime you can. 
Whether you purchase a coffee from the gas station, buy it off the shelf, or locate the good stuff and brew it yourself, tasting different coffee is common.
I’ve come to notice that the taste of my coffee served in different recepticals makes the world of difference.
I’m going to share three places I’ve purchased coffee from where the specific cup it was served in, changed the taste of it good or bad.

❇ Circle K ❇
I venture to Circle K, probably about twice a week.  Their cups that the coffee is served with, changes the taste in a negative way.  With each sip it has a bland taste.  It’s like the particular plastic used for the lids, absorb the potency of the roast.  Almost always if I’m at home and it’s brought to me, I always pour the coffee into an actual coffee mug.  Ahhh much better!  If I’m not at home, I just have to suck it up and deal with it, lol…  Circle K also has their reusable coffee mugs. Yep, I sure have one, lol the lid to that mug allows the true taste of the coffee to come through.

❇ Subway ❇
I had coffee for the first time here yesterday!  I could not believe the quality of taste.  I was so excited for this one.  I have been eating at subway since I was a little girl but never ever had their coffee.  I guess I wasn’t always obsessed with coffee like I have been these last couple years, lol. 
The cups at Subway, as silly as it sounds, the coffee was delicious in it!  I need to find out where their coffee comes from too.  It was so smooth and roasty.  It stayed warm longer than most carry out coffee.  It smelled wonderful to the last drop.  I can tell when a coffee is good quality because I get sad when it’s gone.  I’m not sure where they get their cups but I hope it doesn’t change anytime soon.  Subway’s coffee is a must try!

❇ McDonalds ❇
If you want a major kick in your step, oh boy McDonald’s is the one.  Out of all the fast food chains that serve coffee, McDonald’s has the highest levels of kick for me.  Obviously I haven’t tried every coffee everywhere, but so far they’ve been number one in getting my hyper levels extremely high.  If you woke up late and still tired I would suggest getting a coffee from McDonalds.  A large will take you through at least half your day. 

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