A Letter to My Friends


Lately, I’ve begun to notice the more frequent visitors to my fan pages. This completely excites me, because this lets me know that everything I’ve invested into them and the businesses that are associated with them, is finally appearing to manifest itself and attract the attention of others around me.  I enjoy very much, sharing various things in life with amazing and fun people.  Each day brings a new conversation, new ideas, new bonds, and even an income simply from engaging with others on a level that forces us as humans to actually let our guards down to trust one another. 

I’ve grown to actually feel connected to those who follow my content. They are not just simple likes to a page anymore.  Those simple likes have grown to be sentimental and expected bonds with real human beings with stories of their own.  I mean how blessed is it, to be able to connect so widely with others.  

Because I feel so comfortable with you, I felt compelled to share something with you.  

Lately, I’ve been wanting to work on some new and fresh content for my pages.  I do know that when dealing with the constant traffic flow of social media, you have to be on top of things faster than you sometimes can manage.  Instead of stressing myself out and rushing the work, risking the posting of mediocre material, I’ll just let you guys know that I am working on some new stuff!  And I hope you all love it!

Have you had a chance to stop by my Posh store?  


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