Trusting Yourself

I know all the cliche advice there is when it comes to change.  Sure it’s all up to us to make a decision that we know in our hearts would either better or hinder our days to come.  One decision could change it all.  We also know better.  We can be as cliche and what others call positive, as we want, but at the end of the day, sometimes, solution is literally the only option.

I think society has gotten so used to sugar coating the feelings of others, or wanting to feel like they’ve done something to help, or simply wanting the satisfaction of knowing they played their part. Whatever the reason may be for such advice, sometimes it’s just not what someone wants to hear.  

This is where that infamous “change it yourself” concept comes in. When there are no solutions from other avenues, you have to deeply look within yourself to find the right answer.  This is usually a time where you shouldn’t let the world know what’s on your mind.  This is a time to self-reflect, figure it out on your own, get in touch with God (for political correctness, get in touch with your personal spiritual enlightenment), and start allowing yourself to become more open minded than you ever thought you could.  


In my 36 years of being on this planet, I can safely say, the hardest person to trust in this world, even down to God, is YOURSELF.  I find that incredibly ironic honestly. The human race, even in their most insecure moments, know deep down that they are in control of their own mind, body, and soul.  This scares or intimidates the average person, simply because it does bare quite a bit responsibility in all areas of life, down to the way you eat, for example.  

I love the quote I mention below!  Because it literally expresses what my point of this whole post is. Sometimes and honestly, a lot of times, we should isolate ourselves from everything no matter how important “we” may think it is.  Lock ourselves away with ourselves.  Don’t you think the main person on this planet, you should get to know well is, YOURSELF?!

“There are times when you have to fight with your inner spirit. The grace of God is the power of liberation.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Here’s my question to humans.  If everyone has or currently is having issues with trust for someone else, or thinks they can trust another human being more than they can trust themselves, then you’ve already missed the mark. YOU MUST TRUST YOURSELF, before you are even capable of trusting another human being.  Till then, there will always be something that will make you feel insecure.  You have to know that no matter what happens in this life, YOU can rely on yourself. Know that you and only you have the power within, to make mountains move, and jump hurdles!  
When you tap into the concept of self-awareness and begin to move through your life with a supreme or divine understanding that you own your energy and what you import and export into your psychi, great things can happen.  As painful as it is for humans to accept, everything in our daily lives, is a direct result from the decisions we make, in terms of normal survival/living.  Of course we have natural disasters and accidents, etc. But most of what happens in our lives, is a direct result of something we’ve decided at some point.  


Louder than words!  They really are!  If we tell someone we love them over and over again, we give that person the expectation to believe it’s true.  If we tell someone we will meet them somewhere, we are giving that person the expectation that we will be there.  Basically, be a person of your word, as much as you possibly can. Life throws some punches along the way and we’re not expected to be perfect, but we have to display a level of integrity or we will honestly end up alone or at worse, end up having unstable relationships.   We will even have a hard time excelling in much success along the way or have a hard time maintaining it when we do obtain it.  

The fact of life is, we need others to get a step forward in the grand scheme of things.   We have to go back to a very simple and general concept, and that is “treat others how you would like to be treated”. Sure, we are to turn the other cheek.  Meaning do not follow up in reaction to someone’s wrong doing or misguidance of personality expression. Although, this is a rule of thumb to follow in life, it’s a very hard concept to abide by depending on the situation. To avoid any conflict of wrong doing on our part, we should be kind to one another. If someone is unkind to you, be kind back.  If it requires self defense, well defend yourself, lol.

The moral is, TRUST YOURSELF and do not cause harm to others as you know you would want someone to be compassionate to you.  It’s not going to be easy, but when you are able to trust yourself in all matters of life, you then place yourself among the humble.  Those who cherish life.  Cherish your own life, and the lives of others.  If you can put so much effort into gaining trust for someone else, then try putting even more effort into trusting yourself.  

Remember, at the end of the day, YOU and ONLY you, are stuck with yourself and the decisions you’ve made. 

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