They Need a Support Group for Coffee Addicts

Remember that commercial about what you would do for a Klondike bar?  Well move over Klondike, what would you do for COFFEE?

I used to get offended when people would call coffee liquid crack.  Still kind of irritates me, but considering what I’ve heard about that drug, I suppose I can understand why coffee is deemed with such comparison. 

I find myself craving coffee to the point I’ll admittingly do just about anything for a cup of it, lol.  Throw in the opportunity to be present during brewing is an extra bomb bonus!  Put me in the mix where it’s being produced, and I just might faint from excitement!  Coffee is amazing!

So, I’m sitting at a friends house today, and she’s a coffee drinker too.  I hadn’t had coffee but once in the last several days.  Well just like any coffee addict would do, I asked if she had any coffee and if so can I make a pot of it.  She did and boy was I excited about that! 

My friend warned me that the coffee pot was in need of a good cleaning.  I thought no problem.  I’ve cleaned coffee pots before of course.  Well, this one was desperate, lol.  Poor coffee pot was screamin for some TLC.  I gave it some love and cleaned it right up.

The aroma that came from that magical piece of equipment was wonderful!  That first sip, was even better!


Did you notice the other goodies in the picture?  (minus the chocolates tee hee)

Those are a couple of my favorite things!  My Perk Stick and Sassyooma

The Perk Stick, I use for my anxiety.  It’s typically used for headaches and tension, but it really helps me with my anxiety as well.  You roll it out like chapstick and can apply it anywhere you need for pain relief.  For best results when dealing with headaches or tension, apply the product to your temples, back of neck, and my personal favorite place, under the nostrils.  Inhaling the peppermint oil does more than I can explain. 


The Sassyooma hand creme is another one of my favorites.  Packed with the fabulous coconut oil and apricot kernel oil with an amazing and refreshing peeled orange aroma!


A little goes a long way!!!  Isn’t that amazing! 

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