9 Easy & FREE Ways to Boost Your Twitter

Social Media Marketing giving you the blues?

Facebook is all the craze of course, and honestly dominates the world wide web in terms of social media.  Facebook, as well is becoming quite the marketing tool.  With all the features and tools that has been added to help boost the small business owner, it’s almost impossible not to be seen.  If you’re a business, you most definitely need a Facebook.  


Then there is Twitter!  Twitter is literally like the CNN of social media.   It’s fast paced, shows everything with a heartbeat, and gets super high traffic! Wanna know anything about anything?  Check Twitter!

Most of the types of people that utilize Twitter, are usually celebrities, business owners, investors, small businesses, bloggers, etc…..Sure you can use it for personal content, and you actually will gain a following, but if you do, prepare to grow.  If you want to stay private, probably better to stick with Facebook.  Twitter works very well for people who want a lot of exposure.

Just like everything else, Twitter does take some getting used to and it does work best applying various efforts to your account.  By doing these few simple tasks, you’re sure to boost your traffic flow.

Let’s get started!

  1. What does your profile look like?  Make sure your cover photo is attractive to the eye and identifies with you and your passion or inspiration.  Make sure your profile picture, is of you and you alone! Your viewers will love your personality, however your profile pic should be you so they can see first hand who they’re connecting with. Doesn’t have to be fancy and make sure you change it fairly often.  I would say twice or so a month.
  2. Your settings should be connected to your other social media platforms that are available in your apps category.  Click Edit Profile, then Apps on the side, and then your options to connect are listed there.  Make sure you choose to connect any platform you have currently available.  This includes, your personal Facebook profile and your Facebook Fan Page if you have one.  
  3. Who’s Following You?  Your goal on Twitter, is to gain more followers than you are following.  To ensure this to happen, simply start posting directly to Twitter at first.  Images of any kind show up better in the feed if posted directly to it.  Create a general Thank you for Following image, and when someone follows you, tweet your thank you image and a quick statement of introduction to your new follower.  When you do this, also skim through their tweets, and retweet a few posts of theirs that interest you. RETWEETS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!   Retweets are a sure fire way to get the attention of anyone on Twitter. Whether they are following you or not.  Retweeting others, is also a sure fire way to gain followers fast.
  4. The good thing about Twitter is, you will see feed of people that aren’t even following you.  That’s good because when you engage with them, they end up following you.  
  5. Twitter users, LOVE material they can read!  This includes tips, blogs, recipes, inspirational stories, etc…..Twitter is a great platform if you run a blog.  It’s even better if the material you post is authentic to you!
  6. Are you using hashtags?  If you don’t know how to use hashtags, now is the time to learn.  Twitter is like the KING OF HASHTAGS!!  
  7. When posting a tweet, remember you only have 140 characters to utilize your best post!  You have to fit a catchy tagline and a few hashtags pertaining to that tagline plus a link if you’re using one. Make sure your tagline is star material.  Think like your viewers. What would attract you to read something?  Then, type a few hashtags that pertain to that tagline.  These hashtags are very important.  They directly link you to other places on Twitter where even more people can see your content.  So use them, and use them wisely!
  8. TURN YOUR DIRECT MESSAGING OFF!!  Nine times out of ten, it’s spam if you receive and most likely others will not even open yours. So there’s no real use for it.  You can turn it off in your settings.
  9. Finally for now, whenever you can or have some time, grab your Twitter url, and post it on other social media platforms.  Get people to follow you over there.  

Strategies for gaining more traffic to your social media platforms, are constantly evolving, so make sure you keep up with the trends and current affairs.  I always encourage others to get familiar with various webinars and training videos that other marketers post.  It’s always good to collect as many tips and trainings as possible.  

Keep it fresh, keep genuine, and have lots of fun with it!  Everyone’s watching, so don’t give up!  Put your best foot forward always!

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