Maybe I’m Praying

You know how it is.  When a person gets quiet especially for an abnormal amount of time, people perceive it to mean that person is being anti-social or mad about something.  People even assume a person is depressed. 



I know I’m not perfect, and my nature to nurture tends to wonder myself when someone is silent.  It wasn’t till people started asking me if I was ok that I realized the common communication issue between people. 


Being so used to assuming myself all my life, I realized that learning Agape love teaches us that assumption is equivalent to judgement.  To assume someone or something is a certain way simply based on visual perception is honestly a huge injustice.  The naked eye can only see so much of something or a particular scene. 


This brings me back to what my point is.  When I myself am being silent, more than likely I’m reflecting, praying, and deciding.  I’m an overthinker if you will.  This has proven to be both a good thing and a bad thing.  I sometimes drive myself crazy thinking too much.  As if the simple act of thinking actually changes anything.  Silly humans we are.

Or maybe just maybe I’m pondering on how happy I am.  Happiness is overwhelming sometimes!  Have you ever caught the Holy Ghost?!!  Intense!  Sometimes when the brain goes into hyper drive you shut down for a split minute!


Although, there’s been rips in the pages of my book of life, it’s been a very valuable and strong plot that resulted in a sense of desire for life and what this life can offer.  My story is mine and as painful and magnificent it’s been, I will treasure it for always!


Coffee With Riss

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