Break The Habit

Well, here I am almost 24 hours off Facebook.  I’m honestly thinking about turning this into a challenge!

How long can I avoid Facebook and still pursue my passion online?  To be honest, it’s been eerily quiet today.  It really dawned on me just how much of an impact Facebook has on one’s daily routine. 


I also, realized that about 80% of my time on Facebook lately, is spent conversing more than working on my own content.  This year has been a tough one.  It really has.  Both financially and emotionally.  I also started noticing that because of the struggles this year contained, I found myself needing relief and venting on the very platform I ran 99% of my business. 

Break time is a must.  I must take some time for myself this time.  I need to finish things I’ve started and start pursing the goals I’ve only dreamt about.  I’m definitely no spring chicken these days so I really don’t have the time to keep hesitating.  I know I’m not perfect.  I still deserve happiness and a chance at being able to leave behind a security for my children.  I still deserve to have a life long companion regardless how long I have left.  I’m so used to putting my own needs and wants in my pocket so I can be of whatever service I could be to others.  And I love being that way.  What I didn’t realize is that it would eventually empty me.  


I want to change that.  I was definitely raised to believe that if you want to break a habit, you literally have to eliminate it from. When you decide to break any habit, your body and brain goes through a withdraw process.  Withdraws suck!!  Ever try to quit smoking cigarettes?  Jeeze that’s hard!  You know it’s bad for you to smoke, yet you fight with yourself to stop!  What’s up with that?!  Aren’t you in control of your body?  Lol. It’s very frustrating! 


Anyway, by now I’ve probably bored you but I’m enjoying the ability to focusing on my blog, so I hope you enjoy my current state of mind! 

If you read my blog, thank you!!  Your support means everything!

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Coffee With Riss

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