3 Reasons I Deactivated Facebook

Grab your favorite COFFEE, relax in your seat, and have a read! 

This is to inform my followers that I have deactivated my Facebook account till further notice. 


I’m in the process of re-vamping  my web content.  From my social media to my affiliate marketing.  I feel as though I’ve hit a major plateau with my work, and it’s time to deliver some new and fresh material.

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Wondering why I’ve made this decision?  Very simply, here’s a few reasons why. 


1.  Facebook became extremely overpopulated and although there’s still massive room to grow on that platform, I felt that for me personally my content was hitting a brick wall.  For some marketers, gaining the traffic and revenue from Facebook alone, comes fairly easier than others.  Whether it be due to specific opportunity or financial capability to invest in themselves, some marketers master Facebook faster than others. 

2.  With Facebook being the main go to platform for sharing your life’s moments, there’s more casual connections happening than profitable business. 

3.  Discipline!!  There’s more to the online world than Facebook.  Its time I give myself permission to expand myself. 

The biggest question I’ve already received so far, is “When are you coming back to Facebook“….

To answer this simply, I plan to reactivate my account when I’ve done two things…

1.  Caught up with other work I’ve started and not finished.

2.  When I’ve reached certain online traffic goals. 

Thank you for reading! 

Come Back Again! 

Coffee With Riss

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