9 Dreams Of Mine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dreaming about what this world has to offer since I was a little girl.  From wanting to be a doctor to having a passion for what I do now, my dreams have definitely been what motivated me to keep hope inside, alive.

Self-Expression has always been a major way for me to expose the way I’m feeling or the deeper thoughts I hold so dear.  To a lot of people I’m one hyper individual and once you get to know me, you start to see the different layers.  Layers of which explain the depths of my core.

“They” say that life is best lived if you passionately pursue your dreams.  I would have to agree.  Although, I’m not really sure who “they” have always been.  Sounds righteous though. 

I’m 36 now, so in all these years and different experiences I’ve had, my dreams have been edited a few times or four along the way.  I do have a general list of some dreams I would love to make a reality.



  1.  For the longest time I loved singing.  Never really thought I was good at it, but I sure loved it.  I still do.  I suppose these days with the surge of technology and social media platform’s available, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll be at least famous enough to collect a decent chunk of cash per year.  Since the era of my singing passion basically ceased other than maybe in the shower, it’s clear it’s not a passion anymore. 
  2. At one point, being a “baby doctor” was the bees knees and there was nothing you could do to make me change my mind.  Until one day I grew up a bit and realized exactly what was involved in that career choice.  No way was I looking at “hoo has” all day long!!  So much for bringing life into the world for a living, lol…..
  3. As a senior in high school, my dream was to become a lawyer.  I totally thought it was the most awesome job ever.  I mean think about it, you argue for a paycheck.  Awesome sauce!  Well, that didn’t last long either!  Imagine that, lol.  I got a credit work program job at a law firm that year, and let me tell you.  I worked for them my whole senior year to earn credits.  I very strongly changed my mind on being a lawyer.  It stressed me out just watching them.
  4. After high school, I had ventured into the medical field.  I think working as a caregiver and being a mom, gave me a new desire in life.  Taking care of others.  Nurturing them.   I also knew that the medical field would produce enough opportunity and income to accomplish stability for my children.  However, during this time in my life, I was going through a very rough marriage.  That dream never happened either.  I was an honor roll student and student of the month in that experience.
  5. Speaking of my marriage, I found myself being pulled towards helping women overcome domestic violence.  Considering the extent of treatment for issues like this, I knew I would need a degree.  So I tried for that.  Thinking I was prepared and strong enough to pursue such a goal in the midst of such turmoil was enough to make me look crazy. Although some might see it as a victory and maybe it would have.  I’m just not that one.  I buckled and quit pursuing yet another dream.  Hmmm I wonder what’s next.
  6. After realizing the incredible emotional commitment psychology and human social services would take to learn and being in the middle of an ugly divorce that resulted in children suffering from emotional coercion, I eventually declined that option.  That story is for another day.  Like seriously.  But this chapter in my life brought me to BUSINESS!  The cycle of business, motivational speaking, retail, promotions etc excites the snot out of me! 
  7. Ok so by now, I finally found the niche I feel comfortable in.  One that brings me a sense of accomplishment and self endearing triumph.  Network marketing.  Now with this, brought about a huge other level to my business passion.  My dreams became a whirlwind of pictures that encompassed such success only the entrepreneur obtains.  Understanding the difference between self made money and controlled income quite literally fueled my drive to push through the hurdles to become such a person. 
  8. Being confident with the path my passion has led me to, my dreams opened up to bigger horizons.  I’ve dreamed for a long time that if I ever became wealthy, I would help children.  Children all over are suffering from abandonment, neglect, abuse, and even judicial misplacement.  A dream of mine would be to have a huge home built just for the purpose to help such children have a better quality of life.  Consider me the Patch Adams for kids!
  9. Domestic violence rocks the human race like the bubonic plague!  Millions of seriously unstable and even disturbed men AND women negatively dominate relationships among partners, family, friends, and collegues etc. like drug addictions dominate an addict!  Being that I survived 12 plus years of mental, physical, and financial abuse, helping others who suffer from it seemed like the right thing to do.  Knowing how I felt during all those hours, days, weeks, months, and years going through such madness, it pains me to be on the looking side of it now.  I hate knowing and seeing people being abused let alone by someone they love and trust with all their might.  Including children!  So, another dream of mine is to speak out boldly for those who feel their voice doesn’t matter or those who can’t speak up at all.  It’s our business!  Period!    

Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos of life and dream chasing, my biggest dream of all, is to be of good servant for Jesus!  Whatever this means along the way and however I can accomplish this in a positive and effective manner, I’m willing to do!  I found my niche as to how to spread God’s word and love to others and that’s through network marketing!  As many people as I meet, there’s no reason why I can’t use this as a way to share the good news!  And if I’m blessed with an income in the meantime, well, then that is a bonus!

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