The Most Valuable Currency On Earth

Have you ever needed help with something?


I know I have!  

It’s nice to know when you need help, there are people out there who show their love and compassion and give a lending hand where they can.  Sharing in the journey of life’s ups and downs with others is very sentimental experience.  One that is supposed to be touching and fulfilling on many levels.  

I love doing what I can to pitch in where I can.  I’m not much to the grand scheme of the planet, but I truly believe in encouraging others and helping them see there’s hope in a clouded world of doubt!  

I started a web page to help spread the word about some local concerns and causes that I come across.  Some are going to be random and some will be dear to my heart.  

You’re invited to checkout the current events.  Join the causes and give a share.




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