The Open Road


Don’t you love the open road?  Me too!  The beauty this earth has offer is absolutely amazing. 

I love the fall.  The fall has so many neat and gorgeous colors.  I remember jumping in piles of leaves when I was growing up. Do you remember that?  We had so much fun back then.  I don’t see kids doing that too much these days.  They sure don’t know what they’re missing, do they?

As I sit here in this seat with the wind blowing my hair, I am forced to ponder on everything in life.  You know how it is.  Nothing else to do so your brain says “Oh cool now we can overthink everything”.  Sometimes that’s annoying.  Like at night when you’re staring at the ceiling lol.. Staring out the window with the breathe of God kissing your cheeks is much more pleasant.  Don’t you think? 

All the open sky really makes me want to just keep going!


When’s the last time you’ve been on the road crusin and enjoying the freedom of nature?


Coffee With Riss

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