Social Media Will Be Shutting Down!

Gotcha!  Tee hee

I don’t know about some of you, but I use Facebook for my primary social media platform to network peeps.  Just about anything I do online, ends up taking you back to Facebook at some point.  I’m sure some of you do the same. Well, if you’ve noticed, for the last few days, Facebook must be updating their systems and softwares.  The whole site on both apps and desktop, keeps shutting down.  At first, it erked me.  I admit.


Wiped out!  So I suppose it was fair to say, even though it’s “only” Facebook, it actually set me back a bit when it when offline. I hadn’t copied my text before it did, so I lost all the content I had typed.  I quickly moved on and went about other things that needed done. Which honestly was a blessing in disguise.

When Facebook got up and running again, oh I would say maybe 15 minutes max and if you could have seen my newsfeed, I’m telling ya’ll!  It was hilarious!  And here I thought being even slightly frustrated was bad.

People seriously bent out of shape over losing access to Facebook.  Then…….the memes came! Now that’s where I got a good belly laugh out of the whole thing!  Truly entertaining.

God forbid we actually talk to each other in person or over the phone.  I think as hard as it would be on businesses, shutting down Facebook for awhile might actually shock humans into communicating again, lol.

As frustrating as this experience may be for some, just remember even the biggest companies need system updates.  In case anyone needs the skinny on what’s going on, here’s an article for you!  We may not have all the answers yet, but I’m very sure that it will not be forever.

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