Lots of people ask me what I do with my used coffee grounds.  I discuss with countless people daily, about my passion for coffee and over time it’s become a sheer fascination as to why…lol.

People who meet me, if the opportunity arises, tell me how soft they think my skin is.  I’ve used many products over the years to maintain healthy skin but over the last year, coffee has greatly impacted my life in many ways!

One among many things I like to do with my used coffee grounds, is scrub my body with em.  There’s a few things to be hip to when using coffee grounds.  Keep reading to find out more!



After you’ve brewed your pot of coffee, let the grounds cool off.  I’ll be honest, I prefer to use coffee grounds that have sat all day.  So if you enjoy a good pamper before bed, save that mornings grounds somewhere safe for the occasion!

You can either do this in the shower or sitting on the edge of the tub.  If you choose to do it during a shower, the most pampering way I love to use the grounds is to take a handful and squirt a dollop of my favorite body wash on it.  Mix with hands and start scrubbing your body.  Do NOT expose the grounds to your fun parts because well frankly I couldn’t imagine lol….  Pay special attention to the drier areas of your body and definitely the heels of your feet.  When you’ve scrubbed up enough to your liking, simply rinse off like normal.  Boom!  Done.  After you get out and dry off, apply your favorite lotion and you’re ready!  Leaves your skin feeling amazing!

If you need to make it quick and just don’t have the time to spend on every crevice, sit on the edge of the tub and hang your legs and feet under the faucet.  Simply apply the plain used grounds to both your legs and feet.  If you’re needing to shave make sure you apply the coffee grounds before shaving.  This opens and cleans the pours making it a cleaner shave. 

After you’ve completed pampering yourself, get out, and dry off, apply your favorite body lotion!  Viola!  Extra clean, smooth, and healthy skin!


Your face needs a bit of a different type of attention.  The facial skin is much more fragile and sensitive than the rest of the body.  You’re gonna wanna use the coffee grounds fairly soon after you’re done with your pot of coffee.  The sooner you use the grounds the better.  The warmer the better also, so as soon as the temperature of the grounds are tolerable, apply plain grounds to your face then about 2-3 minutes later rinse off.  Apply favorite moisturizer to your face and proceed with your normal routine.  My personal recommendation would be to limit coffee facials to about twice a week.

Coffee isn’t just for drinking.  It serves many purposes.  If you’re going to pay for coffee, you might as well get your money’s worth, right?

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