3 Ways You Might Be Destroying Your Online Business

I’ll just start by saying, working online is not the piece of cake career choice some may think it is!  


Working online is a very tedious and time consuming task that requires much patience, drive, and definitely constant motivation!  No disrespect to those who clock in a job, but truthfully, I have never worked a “regular” job where I would have to come home and actually pay close attention to it.  Most jobs I have always had, I was able to clock out, come home, and focus on the rest of my evening.  When you work for yourself whether online or outside the house, it becomes a part of you, your new family member, what equally consumes your thoughts, and even becomes something you will incorporate into your daily routines.

Whether you are new to the scene of online business or have been doing it for quite some time, these three factors will definitely make or break your online appearance.  I wouldn’t go out in public objecting to these either.  😉

motivational slogan on a stack of colorful reminder notes isolated on white

Whether you are just starting or have been doing this for years, the particular attitude you possess will ultimately make or break your business ventures.  Even if you started with a perfect attitude, life happens to everyone, therefore, at any given time, anything can change.

So many people have, do, and always will try and complicate things making it seem so close to impossible, it results in fear of trying or progressing in any thing you do. Because of this psychological “game”, there are countless individuals who will create great wealth off that fear.

I’m not shady, so my very simple piece of advice, is to treat your audience or target consumer market, how you want and expect to be treated.  Simple as that.  I promise.  See, it’s your warm market that is going to be way more critical of you, than the mass public. Sure, as you grow, so will the number of people who follow you, opening up a broader critical platform, but trust me when I say, the feedback from strangers won’t have as negative affect as it does when it’s your warm market.  Your attitude about positive and negative feedback will show people that you are not easily moved by the misery of others, but instead motivates you to actually stand in the gap of positivity for them.  When others see your light, they automatically can’t help but follow.  Those that don’t, trust me, you don’t want them on your team or venture plans anyway.


Passion is so very important when you’re going for something bigger than what you’re currently doing.  Without passion, in time, everything you do for your personal life and/or your business, will eventually suffer.  You have to WANT to work for your goals.  You have to desire to participate.  Passion is the ingredient that keeps your drive pumping towards seemingly impossible feats.  Where others think you’re crazy for going to such great lengths to achieve your goals, you see potential in everything you’re choosing to set forth.  Love what you do!  You will go far if you do.


Unity among your peers, is very important!  If not the most important.  If your audience sees you as a person who only serves a certain type of crowd or person, word will travel fast you may be a discriminatory type person.  This is not the good quality of a network marketer.  You must display empathy and common decency for all human kind not just some.  Showing judgement ruins one’s business and even relationships.  Trust me, even though there is so much nasty in the world, kindness still prevails and people want that type of influence.  Be the role model you want to be remembered by. 

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