Contest Time

Who wants to donate a prize for my blog contest and cross promote?  Your product will be featured on my blog plus my social media pages and entered in my networking routine.

I’ll choose a product according to these qualifications.  I will randomize who’s product I will use.  This contest is in no way associated with any social media platform or the company the product comes from.


1.  No auto ship products.
2.  Must be a product that requires no more than $3-$5 for shipping.
3.  If it’s a consumable product, please make sure it’s never been opened or returned by a customer.
4.  Please be aware that you will not receive any payment for your product and agree that this is for cross-promotion purposes only.  You must agree that there is no guarantee for sales or engagement and this is solely an attempt to gain traffic and potential leads for both businesses involved.
5.  If you agree to submit your participation, please be aware that No entry will be counted unless you’ve signed up for Coffee With Riss​’s email list.

6.  Please state the details of your product in the comment section of the submission form.


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