7 Types of Coffee and What It May Mean for You

Some people just drink coffee to hopefully boost their energy while others drink coffee because it’s literally a part of their lives in many ways.  How someone drinks their coffee has always been something I’ve wondered about.  Is there a scientific theory that certain ways mean you’re a certain type of person?  Does what kind of coffee we drink, have meaning on what type of personality we have? 

I wanted to know, so I sought to find some fun information on this. 

First there’s me!  Addicted to Artisan Made coffee!  It’s just simply better coffee all the way around!  Sure, in a pinch the shelf coffee will ease the crankiness of being out of coffee altogether, but lets face it, you can’t compete with the best, lol. 

Artisan Made coffee is better because it’s basically right off the farm and into your hands.  There’s no big corporate manufacturer putting their hands in it.  That matters.  We all know it.

My choice of Artisan Made coffee right now is American Serenade.  Tell them Coffee With Riss sent ya! 


The Latte Drinker

Are you always chill and in deep thought?  You might be a Latte Drinker.  ☕ A chilled personality is always a nice one.  These people usually are the peacemakers and encouraging positive behaviors and ideals. 


The Espresso Drinker

Are you on hype mode all day or in need of a massive energy boost?  If you find yourself adding that extra shot of espresso or noticing the mounds of cups in your car, you might be always doing something.  Might need to stop and smell the roses every once and awhile.


The Frappuccino Drinker

This type of coffee drinker might like to be very social.  Loves social media, hanging with friends, and keeping up with the latest news in the world.  Frappuccino drinkers most likely are the ones blogging the most, lol.  Although, I myself am a black coffee drinker and I blog lol…



The Cappuccino Drinker

Gotta love the cappuccino drinker!  Genuine and caring by nature with a burst of positive energy.  They’re ready to share their ideas and express themselves with casual class.  Definitely a good friend to have on your team of pals.


The Decaf Drinker

Decaf drinkers usually are either drinking it this way because of health reasons or are naturally controlled individuals.  Routine is very important to these type of coffee drinkers.  Change typically disrupts a decaf drinker’s vibe. 

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The Black Coffee Drinker

Now, a lot of people claim that anyone who drinks their coffee with zero cream and sugar, are either getting old or are too uptight.  Let me clarify this type of personality, lol.  Black coffee drinkers are usually the ones who if they don’t have everything together, they sure present themselves as such.  With this type of personality, most are the ones who strive for stability and accomplishment.  Everyone can strive for this of course so please don’t take this as the truth of all ages.  Those who drink black coffee, like things to be in order and are usually the unorganized but organized ones.  Most likely a person who drinks their coffee black, are leaders or moving into leadership positions, and usually very social.  Confidence and positive attitude usually follow these types of coffee drinkers.   


So, now that we’ve covered a few different coffee type personalities, which one are you?  


Have your next Coffee With Riss

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