Jennifer’s Ty (ra) -Craze


Whether or not you use it, is up to you!  There are many things in life, that will distract us from achieving our goals but to be successful is to combine your passion with drive and choose to rise above the grain and take ownership of whats yours.  Every now and then, opportunities of advancement and sense of pride and accomplishment come along and bless us with the ability to not only help ourselves but to be of service to others in various ways that goes far beyond the product in hand.

Dipped with an independant spirit, a mind of a warrior, but a heart of gold, Jennifer Browning is one of my favorite consultants, close friends, and sister in spirit! She carries inside her a spirit of giving, love, and boldness that is needed especially in the shopping industry.  She won’t let you down, tries her best at everything she commits herself to.  She offers amazing products and gives her all to her customers and her loved ones. Jennifer recently joined a brand new company! She’s very very passionate about this baby!!  Everyone has heard of the name, Trust Me!



No need for explanation, so here’s the scoop!  So Tyra started her own makeup line right?  Well in case you haven’t heard, it’s a new direct sales company created by  Tyra Banks herself.  The goal was to give girls all over a chance to bring makeup to a whole ‘notha level!  It’s clean, it’s mean, and it’s fierce! Great makeup and definitely worth giving a peek!  

I plan to provide some reviews on this product, and I would love to do this by hosting a party and earning the rewards! That would be awesome!  


Meet My Consultant!

Jennifer Browning

Find her on Facebook                        


 Tyra Beauty by Jennifer                     


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