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More and more people all across the globe are turning to Network Marketing, to earn a part time and even a full time income.  With the job market being insecure these days, people are becoming more aware of other options to earn extra cash!  No One wants to lose their job or work for years just to get laid off and have a hard time finding more work that is sufficient enough to provide for their needs on a regular basis, let alone save and invest for the future.  

I have scoured the internet over the last five years for various streams of income that I could trust to make money.  I have provided you a list and description of a few very strong affiliate programs that will definitely earn you some extra cash.  If you’re like me, and want to earn more, than take your business to a new level and turn it into a full time venture!  Remember, the more effort you put in, the more income you earn.  


12 Dec 2012 --- Businesswoman using typewriter --- Image by © Daniel Allan/cultura/Corbis

Before you go thinking things like “I am not a sales person”, “I don’t know anyone who would engage with my business”, “I’m not very savvy on the computer”, or any other excuse that avoids the bigger picture, let me explain things better.

The ability you have to apply for a job out in the world and perform said job, is the same ability you have to succeed at your Online Businesses.  Sure, you might have to learn a few things or even apply some different skills, but none-the-less, you have the ability to succeed at anything you set your mind to.  The key to success with anything in life, is DESIRE AND ATTITUDE.

You are also not alone in any of this!  Most “gurus”, love to sell their own dreams and then drop you like a bad habit once they achieve their desired level of success.  NOT ME!  And I definitely am no guru, lol…I’m just a regular chick, with a story of her own, and a drive to help others have the same opportunities as myself.  I am happy to help anyone along their own journey to wealth, happiness, and most importantly, true and pure joy with their lives.

house dreams

I hope you Enjoy these amazing streams of income as much as I do!!  With the use of these programs, you have the potential to earn even as little as $10 or as much as you want a day.  I love to break down the math, so people can see just how simple it is to rack up the bucks fast!  Remember though, you do have to work!  You don’t just go to a normal job, clock in, and just sit there.  You have to put in the manpower, however, I assure you, that the manpower required for this isn’t near as painful as the manpower at McDonald’s lol…Although they are shutting down 17k locations here very soon. I pray for all these people who are soon to lose their job.  And it’s not like McDonald’s is paying people to find new employment.


Let’s look at this quick income example before you get started with any of the listed programs.

One of these programs, pays you $5 per sign up.  Even if you got two each day, that brings you $70 a week. Have you ever made $70 a week just by being on social media or elsewhere on the net?  Most of you that are reading this, can say no.  And that is what I want to change.  If something this simple can earn you even $70 a week, what more else do you need to jump on board, right?


Okay so let’s get you started.  I’m not your mom, so I promise to not lecture you on the importance of decision making lol


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