9 Ways to Make Your Best Friend Laugh

We all have extremely crappy days, filled with one upset after another! We all do.  Do not let anyone let you think any different.  We all might have different versions of the big story, but we all have one. Through good times and bad times, it really does help to have a loving and understanding support system.  Even Jesus had a support system, so why should we not partake of such pleasure and benefit?  There are days where it’s easier to smile than others but for those days that you see a friend in need seemingly longing for a connection of clarity, it’s nice for people to be there to help.

Sometimes when your friend is in need, you don’t always know exactly how to approach or react to that friend.  This fear of further upsetting the friend can sometimes lead to just that happening.  Never be worried or afraid to speak up to your friend if you notice them going through something.  Remember that one time when you yourself, went through something that was pretty consuming?  It took up your time, your thoughts, and even sometimes your activities?

When you have a good friend or even a group of them, it’s always fun to help them out!  

Enjoy these 21 ways to make your best friend(s) laugh.

1. Randomly send your friend a funny picture.  I don’t care what mood someone is in, if you find a great picture and send it to someone who is down, trust me, they will crack even a small smile if not full blown laugh.  You might even get a Thank You back.

2. Send one of those videos from YouTube where they show a series of funny accidents.  I don’t know why we love these things but even in my own dark moments, these videos are too funny to not laugh at.  They’ll thank you later.

3. If your friend happens to be local, surprise them with a visit and make a fun day out of it.

4. If your friend is far away and the great ol’ internet is your only option, then make them a funny picture or send them a card that makes them laugh.  Sometimes even small gestures can make a huge difference.

5. Fart!  lol  I don’t even have to explain this one lol

6. Tell a joke!  Even really corny ones will get your friend’s attention if they’re not feeling well.

7. Watch a funny movie together if you’re local friends.  Any movie is already better with a friend anyway.

8. Depending on your friend, bringing dinner to them just might be a huge relief to them. If you’re one of the guys, invite your friend for a guys hang time. Spontaneously treating your friend to something that shows your effort to share time with them is priceless.

9. There are countless ways to brighten up your friend’s mood. My personal favorite is to share coffee!! Coffee is the coolest and most delicious treat ever!! Coffee also brings folks together most of the time. It’s always associated with energy and joy.

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