5 New Ways To Get Your Groove Back

Ok Stella, move it on over and leave room for the other ladies to revamp the inner woman!

We all as both men and women, sometimes lose the luster for life.  We as a society can be very zoned out with daily routines that we forget to maintain our inner wild child. It’s our inner wild child that makes living life a fun thing to do.  When we supress this spirit, we cope with trials and tribulations very differently and sometimes even start feeling depressed or like something is missing.  It can be trying sometimes to regain your spunk but if you take small steps to do so, it may help to be not so overwhelming.  Try these quick tips and see if it helps you like it helped me.

1.  As much as this erks your nerves, shut down your phone and social media for a few days.  During those few days, do things you’ve been needing or wanting to do.  Use this time to check some stuff off of your overdue to do list.  Getting things done that have been in the back of your mind, does wonders for your inner spirit.  You may not even realize how much your to do list was stressing you out.  Stress can be harmful, take care of stuff as it comes.  Try not to procrastinate.

2.  Set a few self pampering goals.  Treat yourself to a weekly self date.  Doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost anything.  An independent date can be a very uplifting and reflective moment.  Get to know yourself.

3.  I know this is hard for many people, but getting sleep is so important.  If you just need help sometimes, try melatonin.  I use it sometimes and it works great.  When your body lacks the proper rest, your body starts to suffer in many ways including memory, moods, digestive issues, and depression. Get some rest.  Your health depends on it.

4.  Be social.  Meet a new friend.  Having occasional “hang out” sessions with new people or good friends can really boost your spirit.

5.  My favorite way to boost my spirit, is to pray or worship through song.  Giving God my time always whips my spirit into shape. I love the clarity the Lord gives us when we simply ask!

What are some of the ways you like to rejuvenate yourself?

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