5 Reasons To Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is one of my favorite things to eat!  I’ve been known to eat tubs of it in one sitting.  From regular, to homemade, to Greek organic, I’ll eat it all!  Some think yogurt is bad for you and some think it’s an excellent part of one’s diet.  Regardless of any opinion, yogurt always has and always will be apart of mine.  As yummy as yogurt is, there are some reasons to enjoy it as a part of your diet.

1.  Well let’s start with the obvious.  Yogurt is downright delicious.  With so many ways to prepare yogurt and the many ingredients you can use these days, yogurt can be quite pleasurable for many.

2.  Despite some opposing opinions, yogurt is actually a very healthy snack to add to your daily routine.  Yogurt has probiotics in it, which is a healthy bacteria that aids in a healthy digestive tract.

3.  They’re low in calories and fats, if you count that sort of stuff!  Yogurt can be a very healthy way to maintain food control as a part of your daily regime or current diet.  Don’t binge on yogurt though.  You will most likely be visiting the bathroom a little more often for a day lol 

4.  Yogurt can be next to free if you know how to coupon.  As healthy and delicious yogurt is, you’d think they’d make that hard.  Learn some money saving tricks and stock up on it.

5.  Yogurt is easy to use as a healthy and fast snack for the kiddos!  With so many flavors to choose from, they’ll be bored!

What’s your favorite flavor?  Mine is Raspberry or French Vanilla Bean.

Don’t forget to share.  💋

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