10 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Love is a strange emotion.  Love packs one powerful punch in both good ways and bad.  It’s the only emotion on the planet that harbors multiple emotions in one state.  When we’re IN love, it’s worth every emotion that comes with the territory, for without pain, we’d not appreciate the pleasure.

Relationships, also come with a lot of punches along the way.  Whether you’re with your love short term or long term, BOTH of you will have to participate consistently, in order to maintain a healthy desire for each other always.  Remember, out of sight, out of mind.  If you neglect your partner, your partner will eventually feel the need to search for validation.

To avoid such tragedies, enjoy these 10 sexy ways to keep the fire in your relationship alive!

1.  There’s no way around it.  Technology has become a huge part of our modern culture.  Instead of letting technology hinder your joy, use it to your advantage.  Text your honey, throughout the day, whether you’re together or not.  Sometimes, a simple “I miss your face” will keep your partner feeling special and wanted.

2.  Leave sexy notes for him/her, in fun or amusing places so your partner will find it.  Even try a sexy scavenger hunt, on your days off.

3.  If your partner has an outside job, and has the ability to take a lunch at set time, be his/her lunch! Show up as a surprise with a yummy display of quick finger foods.   Don’t forget the happy ending!  😉

4.  Date nights are one of the best ways to keep your love alive.  Dating your partner, keeps things fresh and fun.  See a movie, go fishing, take a class together, anything positive and new.

5.  Take a drive to a secluded area, and make out in the car.  This reminds you of being sneaky teenagers thereby adding a sense of adventure and rebellion that definitely ignites your love.  Just don’t get arrested lol..

6.  Giving goes both ways.  Give your partner a great body rub down without being asked.  This does two fold.  One, makes them feel good and two, creates a stronger bond between the two if you.  Don’t worry if you’re not the best at giving massages.  The effort is enough to make your partner feel special and appreciated.

7.  Role play.  I’ll leave this for you to use your imagination.  Tee hee.

8.  Kisses.  Simple but so effective.  Randomly throughout the day, plant kisses on your partner.  Kiss your partner in odd places.  Your partner won’t be able to help think, that they are the most special person on the planet.

9.  Set a time each night to read a book to each other.  It’s so stimulating to learn WITH your partner.

10.  Have sex as often as your schedules allow.  Ahhhh did I say that out loud?!!  Yes I did.  Sex is a huge stress reliever and carries a sense of security within the relationship.

Basic but vital to keep hope and fun in your relationship.  

Please share with your platforms.  Thank you bunches.

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