Who Needs a Topic?

The need for perfection in this world is an epidemic in itself.  We scramble around all day, trying to fill a level of expectation for those around us. Whether it’s to impress an employer or please a loved one, most of our days are spent fine tuning how happy we make others.

What happens when this goes on for too long without a sense of worth or accomplishment?  What happens when no matter what you endure for others goes painfully unnoticed?

We’ve all been there I’m sure.  Even as you read this, you can think back on a moment in your life where you felt like the emotional roladex for folks! Those on the outside easily tell you that you’re strong and you have qualities that make it through the rough moments in life.  As does everyone honestly.

This is where humanity confuses me a bit.  Why do we tell each other the very piece of advice, we know we won’t take ourselves?  Why is it so unacceptable to tell each other just how hard something is?  I’ve heard experienced moms tell new moms, “Oh you’ll be fine, just remember your beautiful baby is coming”. Although, that’s true, why not prepare that new mom with the other side of that truth? Tell her it will hurt, and she’s going to be tired, and the first few weeks of your new baby’s life might just be a blur.  

Times have definitely changed and I find it sad that with that change came a sense of insecurity to handle life accordingly.  Accountability for one’s actions or mentalities have strongly left the building.  People have become comfortable with taking the “easy” way out.  If it hurts; take a pill, if it is broken; just throw it away and buy a new one.  If it doesn’t work after a few tries; give up.  Even in relationships, people are far too prone to giving up after even the first set back. There’s no real dedication to anything anymore.

The problem with this way of thinking, is that it really actually enables people to start becoming selfish or closed off within themselves essentially causing them to avoid facing their lives in a healthy way.  When people are faced with themselves, it’s a very intimidating encounter for most.  To face yourself, is to face ultimate truth. Facing ultimate truth means you must be honest and if things aren’t as pretty as you’d like, you’re also faced with a turning point to either stay where you are or change something to make you more comfortable.  Most people loathe change.  Understandably so, change can be very difficult.  Change can sometimes be painful and sometimes exciting.  Either way change goes, you have to be prepared for your routine to be different than you’ve known it to be and that’s the hard part for some.

It’s early, and I’m not exactly sure where I was headed with this but as you can see, I definitely woke up with something to say.  Even if it makes no sense, lol.

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