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My name is Kristy, but you can call me Riss!  I bring to you a beverage that lights up the hearts of many, each morning and even throughout the day!  Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet and specialty coffee such as Fairtrade and Organic Coffee, brings in about 8% of the $12 billion dollars in annual revenue.  I am part of a wonderful company called American Serenade that offers just this type of amazing coffee.

It’s important to know the difference between commercially processed and the fair trade and organic coffee.  Commercially processed coffee, although may taste good depending on the brand, is manufactured very similar to other consumable products on a mass production level.  When any product is processed for a mass market, it is put through many different procedures to preserve the product, make it ready in the fastest time possible, and to handle shipment in large quantities.  The methods used for these procedures often leave the consumer running a risk of health issues and even just simply settling for a lessor value of taste and satisfaction, which is essentially a waste of the consumers money.  Fairtrade coffee is always grown and shipped the most natural way possible, straight from the Artisans who produced it to ensure quality of product, highest satisfaction for the consumer, and to ensure you are not under any health risk.  As your Connaisseur, my passion is to make sure you experience your coffee the way coffee should be. 

I would be happy to assist you, in any recommendations you may have and might even be able to offer some new interests.  By the way, we also sell Tea and Wine (in select states due to laws). Come take a look!  Have your next  Coffee With Riss©.

You are welcome to browse and purchase on our website 


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If you decided to place an order, please remember to choose my name (Kristy Fortney) during your checkout process, in the consultant drop down menu to ensure I recieve credit for your purchase.  

Thank you and Happy Brewing!

Coffee With Riss©

Blog-  Coffee With Riss©

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