Sharing is Caring

Remember me asking you guys to help a friend win new hearing aids!  Well, she WON!!!  

This reason this makes me so happy, is because it shows me that there are still so many wonderful people in this world ready to drop a moment of their time to help others!  Giving your time, love, and even sometimes money is such a wonderful thing because it gives you the ability to not only bless someone to meet their need but it opens up an opportunity to show others the light and love that compassion brings.  It gives people hope. 

I’m so honored to have been a part of her excitement with this!  To see someone be able to be happy and comfortable again is one of the most rewarding feelings ever.  It was so sweet too, because she sent me a gift of thanks for helping her spread the word. I am so grateful, for her gift.  It was the sweetest little package of these really cool cards from a company called Stampin Up! They offer card making supplies and I have to tell you, I had no idea greeting cards could look so many different ways, but these are very cool!  



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