Brotherly Love

I have been sitting here for several weeks now, peering out this old dusty window, at two young boys who show such an amazing love for each other.  Big brother tackles little brother to the new and fresh green grass while scrambling for their very abused football.  Little sister stands off to the side watching her brothers, appearing to hope they include her.  As the brothers toss the football, sister gets bored and runs off.  The giggles of little brother and his much older brother are so angelic as they sound pure and sincere for each other.  
Little brother finds big brother very amusing.  Running from big brother laughing as he quickens his step to trip and fall.  At little brother’s sensitive age, you would think he’d set off crying but he turns to look at his big brother and they both laugh happily!  This moment with these two boys happens almost the same time each day.  I find this to be very spiritual and a moment that can be used to symbolize what true family bond is about.  The love a sibling should have is one that nobody should be able to break, not even each other.  These two boys, even being so far apart in age, have the type of love that does not allow them to step out of true form.
You can spot happiness!  You can tell when people are enjoying life, no matter where they are and where they come from.  Life for a lot of people is serious and they enjoy each moment they can so there is more to cherish than be in despair over.  We are blessed each day we wake up, that we have one more chance to make things better and happier for everyone you love and even try and make a difference in others.
It is a pleasure to see these boys interact with each other for one because it’s very refreshing to see siblings getting along so lovingly and second, as a mother myself and a sibling, I can appreciate and value a great moment between them.  Mainly, though, it’s pleasing as a mother to see these two wonderful children, enjoy each other in a sincere and peaceful way. 
I believe in life, it’s not always about the big huge explosion situations that can teach us to appreciate life.  Sometimes, it’s the simple act of a bumble bee landing on his next pretty flower to take care of his daily duties.  
Life is so amazing, when just stop and look at it!
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