A Praying Mother

Today was one of the best days in a very long time.  To make a long story a bit shorter, I have not seen my 13 year old daughter in over two years.  I’m sure over time as I get more comfortable with opening up, you’ll learn why such an absense was there in the first place.  I am a firm believer in prayer and I believe that God is in charge of my life and I expect His will to be done, not mine.  I have cried so many tears and have waited so long for a day like today.

God made a way to let me see my baby girl!  

There she was, just a bit more grown up, crossing the street eagerly to get to me.  As soon as she arrived to my side of the street, I embraced her with such force and I swear I really think the world disappeared at that very moment!  The emotional whirlpool was a much needed doing!  

The smell of your child, is heaven!  

Her soft touch, her smooth skin, the look in her eye!  A link that is instantly connected with cosmic and divine nature, perfectly bonded by God himself.  The natural bond between children and mothers cannot be mistaken no matter how much life might throw much despair.  I’m a patient woman learning and growing in the Lord and no matter what has been done and no matter what things may come, I will always lean on the Lord and will never again falter protecting that right.  

New ways, always brings about uneasy feelings from other people.  Change can confuse people a great deal.  For many different reasons, some people can’t cope with change. The price everyone pays for that though is very high!  And everyone has their limits.  

I am so excited to have reunited with my baby girl, one of two girls of mine, the other being 7!  I sat there at the table and watched her as she talked, and it amazed me how completely angelic she looked to me.  I know it’s probably because I’m the mom and all that jazz but it’s real stuff.  And now that my children are getting older and can think and speak for themselves, managing the situation that seemed hopeless, now has a light at the end of the tunnel!

To see your child after so long it’s like breath finally pushing into your starving lungs!  

Prayers work!

I had a great day!


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