5 Very Easy Way to Evict Your Comfort Zone

Regardless of where you are in life, what your path consists of, or what your goals and dreams are, the most important part of branding yourself as a business owner or hobbyist, is to attract as many people as possible to your offers and services.  In order to do this, you MUST be willing to interact with more than just your warm market.

What is a warm and cold market?

The actual definition is, a target audience or potential customer base with which you already have some form of relationship or history.  This market, is actually harder to attract than a cold market.  A cold market is just the opposite, which is a target audience or potential customer that is unfamiliar with you or your offers.

Reaching these two types of markets, takes practice.  Simple as that.  You’ll always have those individuals, who are just plain natural at it and can sell an ice cube to eskimos, but for those of us who have to learn our way to the top, marketing can be a challenge at first.  

When working to attract your audience, the most important ingredient is to step out of your comfort zone!  A comfort zone is a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.  To be in a comfortable place in your life is amazing and it’s definitely something most people want to obtain in life, however to stay in a place of complacency is something people have to be careful of.  If one gets too comfortable where they are with their work or life’s pursuit, there is a potential that you can become stagnant and hit a plateau. This plateau can do one of two things.  Either hinder you from progressing to an even further growth or could actually get you to fall behind.  When you are running a business or offering services for the purpose of obtaining an income or awareness, you have to attract a huge audience.

The only way to reach the masses, is to connect with your audience on a personal level.  People love to associate with positive people and to know who they are dealing with.  It’s all about building trust or a basic foundation of trust so people know they can feel assured they are being treated fairly, respectfully, and honestly.  The more you build a trust with others, the more people will come to you to fulfill their needs.  

Here’s where a lot of people get stuck.  Stepping out of the one place, that they’ve self trained to feel the safest.  The comfort zone protects people from deep rejection, ruined commitments, broken promises, and even unsettling losses.  Although, it’s quite understandable as to why people love their comfort zones, it’s also not very healthy to stay in it for too long.  By doing this, you hinder yourself from growing as a person, expanding your dreams and aspirations, and even pushing people away. Happiness and success in life are super important and if you are one of those people who admit to be stuck in your comfort zone, here are 5 quick tips to work your way out of your zone. (These tips are some I’ve personally used, and have very much helped me.)


1.  Talk to one new person each day for one week.  Don’t necessarily start off with your business or hobby but find something about each person that you can use as a conversation topic and a way to break the ice.  For example, visit their timeline, skim through and if you see something positive or uplifting, most definitely comment your two sense.  Let them know you are watching and what they are saying matters.  After one week, try talking to two new people each day, and so forth.

2.  Start a blog.  Yes, I know I just started one, but trust me when I say, it totally helps with this situation of needing to step out there.  A blog is an excellent way for you to express yourself in a healthy way for whatever your trying to relay to the public.  It is actually a great way to target your loyal followers. Those who take the time to read your articles, are probably more than likely to keep following you.  Embrace the support of those who are already following you.  Never forget them and how much they share you.  Their support helps you spread yourself out to obtain more following in a positive way.

3.  Try a video chat.  Seems a bit scary at first, but it really does help with breaking the ice among your current audience and helping to attract a bigger one.  The more you do this, the easier and even more efficient it really is.  Also, trust me when I say, it doesn’t matter where you are or how many mismatched socks you have laying around in the background.  People love connecting with real people.  Just like you, others like to do business with people they can relate to.

4.  Conduct mock interviews or meetings.  I was an affiliate for a coffee company a few years ago and our team of marketers would actually get on the phone or video and practice for selling, recruiting, and even public speaking. After about two days of practicing, speaking to strangers and possible business partners or customers, started to become natural.  It also helps to have a supportive and driven team.

5.  Last but certainly not least by any means, stepping out of your comfort zone can also be accomplished by attending public trade events.  If you have what you need, I highly encourage finding a spot in public and open up shop.  Get in front of the public. Share your products, share your service, and definitely spread some positive energy. Even if all you walk away with are the numbers or contact information of even one, you’ve done your job.  Even if absolutely nothing happens, you still got the practice of customer service hands on.  

Practice definitely makes perfect in just about every situation in life.  Not everyone always gets things done or done right, on their first shot! 

To your success ♥


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