5 Hilariously Cruel BUT Harmless Pranks-You’ll Love These!

It’s amazing how distracted you get when you’re trying to do something really important and then can’t help but share it.  As I sat here fixing this and fixing that, socializing and mingling with my online peeps, I stumbled on some hilarious video of people pranking each other in my newsfeed.  Some of them were harmlessly cruel pranks. Nonetheless, very entertaining.  So I decided to share five that stuck out to me.  

Dare to be brave?

  1. Toothpaste Cookies–  Exactly how it sounds.  I personally think this would upset the snot out of me, but what you do is take the shells of any cookie off.  Scrape off all the creme or whatever is in the middle.  Replace with any white toothpaste and put back in the container or sleeve of the packaging. I’m pretty sure whoever you pull this prank on, is going to love you forever, tee hee.  What do you think?
  2. Caramel Onions– You might actually be scratching your head on this one, but stay with me.  This one is pretty cruel, lol.  Get you some semi large, round, and smooth onions. Usually those white or yellow onions will do just fine.  Grab some caramel and some popsicle sticks.  Take the sticks and put one in each onion and then dip your onions in the carmel.  Put them on your favorite plate for presentation and serve.  One bite of one of these puppies, and the heat is on.
  3. The Good Ol’ Whoopie Cushion–  Yep, can’t go wrong with these.  Ever!  As long as these things are used in public or even a small crowd, the victim is sure to be embarrassed and a good laugh for you.  Perfect gift to give to someone as well!
  4. The Office Donut Trick–  You might be thinking, oh no not the office.  If you think your office associates and/or boss, wouldn’t mind too bad, this is perfect to get a rise out of your co-workers, lol.  Get one of those boxes that hold a dozen donuts in it and purchase only two donuts.  One for yourself as you watch the action, and one for the trick.  Take the box and put it in the breakroom at work with the one donut all lonely like inside. Call everyone to the breakroom to have a tasty little treat.  Just be prepared for the possible mob against you when they see there’s only one donut.
  5. Phantom Photo Bomb–  This works if you’re around copy machines or even have one at home.  I’ve included a picture for this one, so you can see exactly what I mean.  This trick would be absolutely hilarious!  In the picture, they used Nicolas Cage’s face, but you can use any face you want. Don’t go too crazy though, because some people might not be too happy and not to mention, if you feel it will hurt someone DON’T DO IT!  

For number five, cut out the face of someone or something and tape it to the underside of the copy machine cover.  Anytime someone goes to make a copy of something, the face will appear on their copy.  They may or may not catch on at first, but when they do, run!  lol  


Well, there ya have it.  Five ways to play some tricks on folks.  I personally know how I would react to each of these, but it doesn’t stop me from appreciate the humor in them.  Please, if you try these, use your senses and be nice.  Have fun, not harm.  


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