Roasted Garden Veggies

I don’t know about you, but I love veggies!  I could literally live off of veggies alone. They are so good in any of the forms you can have them.  I do know that when I was growing up, my mother made sure I did eat different things.  At least try them anyways.  You could definitely catch her saying “You won’t know unless you try it”. Fortunately for her, I absolutely fell in love with veggies.  I love all kinds of them also. 

Well I’m definitely not a kid anymore, but the sure thing is I still love my veggies.  Any kind, anywhere, anyhow.  I just love them.  Well, here’s a little veggie treat I ran across and thought you might like it!  Share with your foodie friends and give it try!  


✿⊰✿⊰✿ Roasted Garden Veggies ✿⊰✿⊰✿

1 head Cauliflower
1 head broccoli
1 small eggplant
1 onion
1 yellow zucchini
To taste- Italian seasoning, salt pepper and olive oil
Toss all together.
Roast for 30-40 minutes in 200/425 degree oven
Enjoy!!! :)))

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