Oreo You Listening?

Ever wonder where and how the Oreo cookie came from?  Seems a bit corny I’m sure, but hey, Oreos are popular so I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s pondered in thought while dunkin their favorite cookie!  I mean honestly, if you have some in the kitchen, it might be more fun if you go grab them while you’re reading this, tee hee.  

I know for me personally, I love my Oreos a very specific way.  I haven’t always been very fond of the original Oreo.  I always get super excited when the holiday cookies come out.  I always swear that the cream in the middle actually does taste what the color is.  I really like the Christmas and Halloween Oreos.  The colors are just really fun.  Speaking of Halloween, I remember when I was a kid and went trick or treating, there would be snack sized Oreo packs in my swollen pillowcase full of candy.

The Oreo Cookie, dates all the way back to 1912.  The original idea was two round biscuits made of chocolate flavor and filled with cream in between.  The original Oreo is much like the one we know of today, except for the design on the actual cookie itself.  Between the years of 1975 to 1995, the Double Stuffed, Fudge Covered, Halloween Oreo, and the Christmas Oreo was introduced to the world! 

So, where did Oreo get it’s name?  Well, unfortunately nobody really knows that information however, one of the ideas is that the name was from the compound of the cream and chocolate- Oreo.  Since the induction of the Oreo, there has been 362 billion cookies sold.  This statistic, makes Oreo the “best selling” cookie of all time. The first cookie was sold in Hoboken, NJ and the packaging of the cookie was a “bulk tin and was sold by the weight”.

Another neat fact about the Oreo, is that it was born in the same year the Titanic sank.  That’s an old cookie to be so popular still!  Now that is exceptional product marketing!  Whether you love Oreos or not so fond of them, one thing is very true.  Oreos as a whole, rock the house in the cookie game!  I know I’m game, ha ha!



Do you like Oreos?  Let’s talk cookies!  What is your favorite Oreo and if Oreos don’t really strike a fun nerve, what is your favorite cookie?

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