It Was an Accident

When I first started in Network Marketing, I had absolutely zero ideas how to do it, where to start, who to even share it with, and definitely how to make credible content.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize that network marketing wasn’t as scary as I had thought it would be.  The words alone sound intimidating.  In my experience, I started out with direct sales.  Direct sales, despite it’s stereotype, was absolutely the best way for me to get my feet wet in this industry.  Direct sales, gave me a preset platform to have the freedom to learn my way around the network marketing world while earning extra money.  As I learned more and more and began to apply more, I started realizing how much I could actually do on my own without needing a pre-set platform.  Although, truly grateful for the direct sales leg up, I knew that one day branding myself would be the route I would end up pursuing.  

Let us back up a little bit though.  In 2008, I separated from my husband and in 2011, I was divorced from our 12 year marriage. To make a very long and emotional story short, I knew I would need to literally figure out something to do to earn any kind of money I could find after I left. It was already hard to keep things afloat while we were married due to his inactivity as a provider, so I knew being on my own with our four children would prove to be a challenge. And it was. I was so used to being on public assistance and hating every minute I was on it, that I was determined to do whatever it took to get off of it.  It was very difficult to pursue much for a long period of time, because he never left me alone to tend to my life.  I couldn’t finish school, hold a job or even attempt to get one sometimes, because of either his lack of concern for our children to be stable or his attempt to hurt me by ruining my attempts to move on.

After our divorce, as any woman can attest after a long and very emotionally damaging marriage, I felt free.  I was free to make my own decisions without worry of control.  Whether I made bad decisions from then on out or good ones, they were mine. And that is what felt amazing, which is why when I made the decision to dive into network marketing, I knew I had found my spot! Network marketing, gave me the freedom to express myself in so many different ways that allowed me to feel like I could make a difference in other people’s lives.  I had longed to help others who either went through what I did or even help others in their business ventures.  This was very fulfilling to me. This avenue gave me the freedom to work on myself as a person and begin the healing process from the past.  Along the way, I met amazing people who were just like me.  

A lot has happened in the meantime of all of the above, but one thing remains true.  I have come a long way, learned so many wonderful things, and have grown in the Lord so much and became ready to fulfill a mission that was only a dream long ago.  I will never give up, never stop working, and will strive for success so when I am no longer here, the blessings I left behind, will have something to help them along their own paths in life.



I love to hear inspirational stories.  Stories that touch the soul and motivate us and give the hope to carry on and even when others are only bonded by spirit, we still have the ability to move the hearts of mankind.  Share a story of yours.  

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