3 Quick Tips to Get Tons of New Fans to Your Facebook Fan Page for FREE

Anyone who’s anyone, that owns a Facebook Fan Page, knows that the only way to get noticed, is to attract as many fans as possible.  Many top marketers will try and make this very simple task seem almost impossible unless you pay them to do it!  Rest assured, you’re more than capable of attracting your own audience all by yourself! 

Now, before we get started on the quick tips, let me make something very clear.  When you’re working in any online network marketing position, whether it’s for another company or your own, it’s definitely something that requires your attention.  Remember, you might be working from home but you still have to show up to work.  These tips are simple, but do require your effort.  With that said, apply these tid bits and see if it works for you. 

1.  No kidding, join Boom Social on Facebook and hook up to their Fridays Fan Page Day!  There’s at least 30-70+ new people that visit my page within just a few hours of participating.  They’re by far amazing to network with!

2.  Hold your own Fan Page Networking activities and create your posts with feedback triggering taglines and descriptions.

3. Once or twice a month, hold a Facebook event strictly for the purpose of liking your page.  Give your guests a chance to WIN something for taking out their time to support you.  When you show your fans that you appreciate their engagement, they are more likely to keep visiting, which potentially leads to higher conversions.  People love to shop through people they can connect with.

Building relationships even on a small scale, is the best way to gain a loyal following.  Your audience needs to see YOU as a person and one they can trust.  Always, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and remember what it’s like when you yourself navigate through the web.  What things peek your interest or tweek at your heart and what attracts you to various content on the web?

Oh, and P.S., my favorite way to gain massive fans is to KEEP TALKING!  Be you, be real, and always be positive.

Cheers to your success! ☕

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