The Dirty Mudslide

I’m all for Fair Trade coffee, in fact, I prefer it.  But, when you are a coffee lover, you gotta have your coffee, no matter what.  When the house is empty of great coffee, you gotta get your fix somehow.

This morning, I went to Circle K, my favorite place to get coffee when I’m out of my normal.  They added a new flavor!


I absolutely love trying different roasts of coffee!  The wonderful thing about coffee, is that it always has a very distinctive taste no matter what roast you choose.  The initial punch of the heavenly drink, satisfies my soul!  It’s like drinking a big hug!

So, this Mudslide Mocha, has an amazing hint of real chocolate.  It’s so subtle and yet it’s so delicious.  It’s not like your average chocolate coffee either.  You can tell the chocolate isn’t a fake addition.  It almost tastes like real cocoa was roasted with the coffee!

Here’s where I think will cause an issue.  If you have a weak stomach or struggle with digestive discomforts, the real chocolate tones in the Mudslide Mocha, has a bit of a negative effect on mine.  After about half into my coffee, the chocolate tones started to upset my stomach.  I’m wondering, if the caffeine in the coffee and chocolate coupled with the chocolate tone itself is too stimulating for my stomach.  Hey, maybe a good laxative, lol.

Only a true coffee lover, will be completely ok with struggling through belly bubbles when trying and enjoying coffee!  It’s just one of those things, lol.  

Regardless, of the side effects, I completely enjoy this flavor of roast and will have to find a supplier for it.  
Did you hear that?  I hear more Coffee in my future.  

~~ ♥ Kristy

Discussion Topic:

What is the last flavor or roast of coffee, that you have tasted or purchased?

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