Bathing in Coffee

If someone once told me, that I would be bathing in coffee, I probably would laugh at them.  When I was growing up, coffee was a common household drink.  I think every house I ever knew, had a coffee pot that was well used.

To use coffee for bath and body purposes, wasn’t talked about much.  And if it was, I sure didn’t know about it.   As a teenager, I really would have loved to have a product like this.  You know how teens are, always making sure they are top notch beautiful.  

Technology is both good and bad.  Like a lot of other things in life.  I love how technology and new discoveries open doors for us to know more about many things and to invent things that are beneficial to our well being and enjoying the fruits of nature to keep us healthy and vibrant!  


This product is amazing!  I honestly wish I had a bucket of the stuff!  I simply love it!  There’s literally only one way you’re going to understand the value of this product, and that’s to buy it for yourself!

“Do something nice for yourself, because you deserve it”!

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