10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve the Quality of Your Life

The quality of the human life is an unspoken instinct to protect.  Most people want to thrive and succeed and be healthy throughout their days on earth.  Happiness and health are the most important desires in life.

In order to achieve a well balanced self, you must allow yourself the chance to recharge. Think of your body as a machine. It will need maintenance and repair.  If you fail to do this, you can expect your body and mind to deteriorate, and depending on what is going on in your life at the moment, may add to the stress.

Enjoy these 10 ways to change the quality of your life right in a positive way, right this moment.

  1. Breathe:  Yes, that’s obvious.  But seriously, breathing is the number one thing you can do to help strengthen the quality of your life.  When your body goes into any type of stressful situation, whether it’s positive or negative, breathing properly really does play a huge role in how you react and recover.  Even if you get excited about something, breathing slowly will help keep the rest of your body balanced while the various chemicals in your brain are changing.  In other words, take a deep breath and roll with the wind.
  2. Helping others:  Helping others is a sure fire way of increasing the quality of your life.  There is always a sense of freedom and humbleness when you help others which trigger our feel good hormones and motivates us as a person.  I believe that love is stronger than all hate, it’s up to each individual to tap into it. there is healing in watching someone become even just slightly happier than they were before. try it.
  3. Exercising:  Of course we all know that exercise is an excellent way to increase the quality of your life.  It really is important. remember the infamous quote, “an object in motion stays in motion”?  If you don’t keep your body moving, you will begin to break down eventually. once you start feeling the effects of your body wearing down, you will begin to notice a breakdown mentally as well.  Humans must feel good in order to do good.  So that means you must do what it takes to stay feeling good in a positive way.
  4. Take care of yourself:  Taking care of yourself, is a huge factor in ensuring a better quality of life.  With the ever changing world of technology and inventions, taking care of ourselves have gotten not only sometimes expensive but more importantly fun!  There are a ridiculous amount of ways anymore to aid in the task of taking care of yourself.  Between body care, skin care, cosmetic options, and advanced medical discoveries, there’s a plethora of ways to make yourself feel and look better. my personal favorite is scrubbing up with the wonderful coffee bean!  Take a look at the product in the picture!  It’s absolutely amazing. click it and take a look!  you won’t regret it.
  5. Meditation or Prayer:  In my opinion, praying should be the top of anyone’s list, but realistically not everyone believes that.  whether you believe in a higher power or not, isolating yourself in some type of meditation, can increase the quality of your life.  When you take some time for yourself and allow yourself the peace to evaluate your thoughts, goals, dreams, worries, and anything that consumes you as a person.  You gain clarity of your surroundings and situations which in turn give you the ability to make positive decisions.  Getting to know yourself is very important to becoming a happy person.
  6. Find a good friend:  Humans are companion species.  We thrive when we gather together.  No matter for the purpose of good or bad, there is power in the masses. The more people group together, the more motivated and empowered they become. Being alone is healthy, but when a human is alone for too long, it will wear on their mental status. increasing the quality of life, also includes the gathering of other people.  get social, meet new people, get involved in activities that make you happy, and mingle with like minded individuals. sharing your life and interests with others is fun, esteem building, and healing.  so get out there and hang with a pal.
  7. Read a book:  Believe it or not, reading will increase the quality of your life.  I read an article one time that stated that there was a 67% decrease in stress and even changes in the appearance of aging.  When one opened the good ol’ book to take a read.  When a person knows more, they tend to feel more independent and confident about life in general.  Knowledge is very empowering, Therefore motivating you to be better as a person.  Personal development is always good for the quality of life.
  8. Therapy:  Everyone hates to admit this, but counseling really does help.  It doesn’t have to be some fancy shmancy high cost therapists either.  Counseling by anyone you trust, is even sufficient if you don’t have the means to obtain a professional.  Remember, all humans are capable of understanding.  Don’t let the degree full you.  Talking with someone about anything that may be weighing on you, is a good way to make you feel better and aid in clarity to think better.  So many times we are our own worst enemy, and it takes a second opinion!  So grab a friend or a therapist and unload those feelings.
  9. Start a hobby:  Another way to increase the quality of life, and this is one of my favorite ways, is to start a business or a hobby!  What’s so much fun about doing either of those, is that you’re in charge.  You can do as much or as little as you like and all your way.  This gives you a chance to create things and express yourself and hey, even make some money off of it!  I mean, how cool is it to make an income from doing things you love.  Isn’t that a way to happiness in this world?
  10. Sleep:  Yep, we saved the best for last.  Sleep!  We have to have it, whether we like it or not. Insomnia, is not a healthy issue to end up with.  Lack of sleep can cause major health problems along the way. From mental malfunction to organ failure, sleep deprivation can become a serious and what sounds to me to be a very painful experience if left untreated.  I’m no doctor and in no way take responsibility for others decisions, but melatonin is a wonderful supplement to take for sleep challenged evenings!


What is one area of your life, that you can say needs attention to have a better quality of life?  What are you doing to aid in said area?

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

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