Mocha Me Crazy

Ok so yesterday, I got a 12oz. hot mocha “frappe” from Speedway and when I put it to my lips it was straight hot chocolate.  I don’t care what anyone says, I’m 36 years old, I think I know what hot chocolate is.

Well, the drink was brought to me so I wasn’t able to find this out till it got to me.  I was so excited to drink it, so when I tasted it, I got mad!  So, yes, I called Speedway.  I could tell by the tone in the girl’s voice, she didn’t believe me that it was hot chocolate.  Well, this ticked me off because first off, I don’t need to lie about a cheap, rat infested mass produced quality $2.49 cup of fake mocha!  They must not know I’m the Coffee Queen!

Anyway, despite her lack of belief in my complaint, she awarded me a new one for the next time I came in.  Well, you all know me.  I have to have some type of coffee fix every day!  So I just went back, to get my proper order.

Talk about a bite my tongue moment.  I mean I realized at this point, either I’m that snobby about my coffee now, or these girls completely disrespected me in my face.  The girl I spoke to over the phone was watching the cafe girl.  Here’s how it went…..

Cafe Girl:  Come watch…
Manager:  Is that mocha?
Cafe Girl:  Oh yes, I just wanted YOOU to see which button it is.  {{ While smerking at me }}
Manager:  {{ Turns to look at me }} Right {{ giggles }}

Cafe Girl finished my drink, and as she handed it to me, she told me it was a 12oz. hot mocha frappe in a voice as if I was 5 years old just learning English.  Well, anyone that knows me even slightly, knows I absolutely loathe being accused of anything I didn’t do, and I loathe people’s funky attitudes.  So guess what…..

I’m emailing Speedway and I’m telling!  Lol

“Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem. “

Alan Weiss, Author “Million Dollar Consulting”


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