7 Ways to Lessen Your Daily Stress

I know there have been many times, where you’ve wanted to blow your top.   A person can only take so much, right? Every day brings about new experiences and opportunities and even new woes.  Life can’t have good without the bad. When life gets us feeling overwhelmed and full of pressure, releasing such energy, is absolutely necessary.  

Unhealthy Stress can be a very dangerous “companion”, leaving you feeling lost, out of control, frustrated, and much more. These symptoms, can also, on a long term basis, leave you experiencing very noticeable health problems.
Everyone is important and we all have important people in our lives.  When one thinks of being down and out, it is scary.  It can leave you with a lot of questions.  What will happen to everything I love, if something happens to me? What will become of everything I’ve worked hard for?  

None of us want to speed up the aging or the death process, so there are many many exercises one can do, to avoid a possible meltdown and have to be rushed to the looney bin or worse.  

Here are 7 of the many ways, I actually personally deal with negative stress.
  1. Breathing:  Breathing is of the utmost importance when experiencing a rise in anxiety.  Try to take a deep slow breath and hold for about 1-2 seconds while closing your eyes.  Repeat this about 4-5 times or until you feel more clear.  When our anxiety is on the rise, our heart starts to pump faster. This happens because our bodies, when confronted with any stressor, good or bad, triggers a defense warning and our adrenaline starts to increase causing us to go into a “flight or fight” response.  In other words, it’s our body’s way of saying “Hey, it’s time to make a decision”. Don’t take this amazing feature of your body for granted.  If your body reacts, trust it, it means something.  So just take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and access the situation with clarity.
  2. Wine:  I know what you’re thinking!  ‘Is she encouraging the bottle’?  No of course not, lol.  I don’t condone nor encourage anyone to overdrink.  I think it’s unfortunate people have those issues.  So to avoid all the political debates on wine, lets just stick to topic.  Stress!  IN MODERATION, Wine is a very lovely way to help relieve one from throwing a fit.  I guess for some, it does the opposite so my advice is to just know yourself and make good decisions. For those of us who can achieve a good healthy wine session, it definitely is a great way to unwind.  I’m not saying wine is the healthiest way physically to unwind your stress nerve, but it does the trick and many believe the same as well.  Picking a bottle of wine is the fun part.  With the selection available to the consumer public, there’s sure to be a tasty glass of wine with your name on it.
  3. Music:  Anyone who is anyone, has had a bee bop in their step at some point in their lives. I personally believe God gave us the ability to tap into a joyful step to aid in stress relief!  But to keep it politically correct, it’s proven that when we’re happy and moving, we’re healthier. It doesn’t take much to understand that there is a cause and effect to happiness when it comes to music.  I think it’s instinctive that when you hear a catchy beat, it’s almost impossible to not get your groove on, even if it’s just in thought.  For the many reasons why music is good for the soul, music definitely can be a great stress reliever.  Turn on your favorite tunes and jam away!
  4. A long bath:  Sometimes a quiet soak in the good ol’ tub with some amazing candles around the room and a nice aroma filling the air. Taking a bath does many things all at one time.  Not only is  it relaxing to all parts of our bodies, but it gives us a chance to regroup without much if any interruption.  I know bathing like this can be hard for moms, but I assure you, if you are important enough to yourself, finding an hour a week to take a great and amazing bath, will become a priority. If you don’t take care of you, who else will?
  5. Pursue a passion:  Do you have something that just sparks every bone in your body?  Do you have a hobby or interest that you’ve put off bringing to the surface? If so, now just might be your moment to get started on a new project or finish one you’ve tucked away for a rainy day.  It feels good to accomplish goals.  So make a list of them, and get started. The more you complete, the more motivated you’ll become thereby relieving some common stressors in your life.
  6. There’s no crying in baseball:  No there isn’t, but in life, that’s a different story.  It’s absolutely healthy to have a good cry.  I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, all people sometimes just need to let it out!  Allow yourself to release built up emotions.  Holding your feelings in for a long period of time can be very damaging to not only your own mental health, but to those around you as well.  Keep your mind clear, let out a big tear and I promise you will feel at least well enough to make a more rational decision about what it is you’re having a problem with in the first place.
  7. Fancy the fur:  There are many benefits to having a pet.  Many medical reasons as well. But the one thing pets absolutely do for us humans, is love us.  And what does love do to us when we feel it?  Negative stress decreases.  Having a pet or even visiting an animal or coming in contact with an animal, is proven to relieve one’s stress.  I personally believe the reason we instantly feel good when we interact with animals, is because we subconsciencly know, there is no judgement against us.  They don’t have the ability to access your religious beliefs or your social preferences.  It’s easy to love something that loves us unconditionally.  At any rate, pet something.  Get a dog, go to the zoo, by a hamster, etc.. Get connected somehow with our animal counterparts and enjoy a moment of stress free experience.

Whatever causes you the most negative stress, it’s best to assess these factors often.  We have to make sure that the stressors are in alignment with our goals and dreams. If you notice you have stressors that are hindering you from your success in life, try your best to eliminate them.  If you cannot eliminate them, re-evaluate how you can relieve the tension from those triggers.  If this means taking a break from certain activities or even people, if possible, then do that.

It’s in your best interest, to be the best you that you can be, so you can be there for your loved ones and those that count on you.  It’s okay to take care of you, so enjoy these quick and easy methods to feeling a little less insane on a daily basis.




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