5 Things Girls Dislike About Being Girls

If you’re a female reading this, I already know what you’re thinking.  ‘I’m a girl, I already know these things’. This is totally true!  However, when you read information similar to this, don’t you ever notice, you become super empowered.  You’re now able to step out of your funk because you’ve realized, you’re not alone!

Woman are pact creatures.  As much as women like to appear as if they hate each other, they internally need each other.  Every animal including humans, are territorial species.  If one should cross a boundary, sure, the other females will defend their own.   If peace is maintained, and yes it’s possible, females are actually the best of allies.  Just as men are the best of allies for each other. Each gender knows and relates to it’s own kind.

As awesome as it is to be in such a powerful and enduring sisterhood, there are things about being a woman, that can just drive a chick insane.  And judging from some of the things woman report, I’m sure it drives those around her just as insane lol….

Being able to support each other and encourage one another to take life in stride, and remember that time is but a moment and this too shall pass.  Till then, we as girls will always have an unspoken rule to stick together.

Don’t you just hate……

    There’s a lot we as women can say about this topic. And none of us have the patience, to read an hour long blog post lol.  So we’ll keep this plain and simple.  Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, all us girls share a common annoyance when it comes to this topic.  We all hate periods!  Besides all the medical mumbo jumbo, periods to us girls, are a complete waste of time and energy, UNLESS we don’t want to be pregnant lol. Then of course, we really need to see it that month.   Nonetheless, this time period of three to five plus days of pure internal mutilation is simply and inexplicably, mind warping.  Not only does this time make you more miserable than the flu, you seriously and honestly feel like you’re bleeding to death.  Like how much can one bleed before they just pass out or even get sick?  But hey, guess that’s why I am not the one who created us lol.
    Whatever it is, you’re here as you are for a reason. And as females, we are very sensitive and emotionally driven creatures.  I know a lot of women in the modern age, think that most or all the men left, are awful and evil predators, out to draw blood.  I assure you, there are plenty of good men still breathing oxygen just like you and me.  Women hate to admit this, but we cause a lot of our own demise when it comes to brutalizing ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies. Females have to be shown they are accepted one way or the other in order to feel satisfied.   Women were created to be needed, therefore, if she feels as if this is lacking, usually her self-esteem will start to be questioned.  It’s very simple.  It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  Raising your self-esteem, requires YOU! You must improve yourself.  As you begin to accomplish this, you automatically attract those who understand this new transformation.  Try it.  It really works!
    Yep, I said it.  Countless gals have expressed that boys have it easy in this department.  In case of an emergency, this can be one tricky task if you’re a girl. And let’s hope we’re not in any questionable situations or places.  The main thing I can think of that is frustrating, is the fact we need to clean up afterwards versus boys do not.  They just shake and go.  How convenient right? Must be nice! Get us girls in a no toilet paper zone and see the panic surface lol.  And don’t get us in a bathroom that doesn’t belong to us.  Pure meltdown.  Now, there are some girls, that literally just don’t care where they go lol.  I’ll tell you what grosses me out, is girls will sometimes pull their car over just to do it.  I suppose when you gotta go, you gotta though right?? 
    For many years, I’ve heard women discuss the topic of being judged.  The main issue women report to face, is the pressure of being responsible for ultimately everything.  I thought about this issue and realized, women are honestly the minority on this planet.  I’m no hyper feminist, but I do understand social differences.  Women endure social persecution a great deal.  And, as if it’s not bad enough that women get scrutinized by the rest of society, women have a tendency to scrutinize each other even more harshly.   How we look, how we sound, what our beliefs are, where we spend our money, etc.  So many things that women pick at in other women. My opinion on people who judge others, is that they are lacking something and need accessed themselves.  Nevertheless, when it’s happening, it’s annoying.
    I’ll admit, at one time in history, I can absolutely understand why women fought to be equal. The whole barefoot and pregnant ideal, really did get out of control because even though that’s a woman’s instinctive role in life, we as women still wanted our voice to be heard, even if we were in the kitchen.   There has always been an unspoken understanding that women, will fix everything and take care of everything pertaining to just about everything in life, but with limited objection or input. This includes earning an income for the household.

    The work force has been an issue for women since time began if you want to be honest.  Nothing we go through in life now or even decades ago, will be more new than what has already happened in history. Things may be on a different scale of severity, but nothing new.   As much as most women, love the idea of being home and taking care of a brood of children and tending to her little humble abode, women have become discontent with their sense of accomplishments.  Raising children is no longer the main desire in life (which is one reason women were created).  So for this reason, as much as truth is hard to face at times, women found themselves having to compete for a place in the mainstream among the men.  This topic could run for days, so we’ll save more for later.  Just know, this is another reason girls have disliked being girls.

Regardless of any reason for not liking the gender we’ve been born into, the fact is, we’re here.  It’s fun to share our differences and even laugh a time or two.  It’s all about being happy and helping each other live this life the best way we can and cohabit with each other in a healthy and loving manner.  I believe most people, have the sense of wanting to commune happily.  I know there are big strides to take even in the future, but I believe as long as each individual stays true to themselves, they’re sure to attract the same eventually.

The moral of any difference is this, treat others how you would like to be treated.  Even if you don’t get it back in return.  It’s not our responsibility as humans, to fix other people.  It might not be easy, but when you love yourself and give that love to others, you will be much more satisfied with yourself no matter what our differences are.


Share with us, a time in your life, where your differences from others impacted your life.  
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