Facebook Quick Tips

Marketing on your profile literally is a case of showing your audience all about YOU!  Not so much the product or service itself constantly.  When marketing on your personal profile, you must show your audience the real you. Please, believe me when I say, if you post all day long about the products you are offering, you will eventually lose your viewers. They will eventually even start unfollowing you.  If you present yourself as a commercial, you will lose your credibility.  And let me tell you how hard this is to recover from when working on Facebook.

First, let’s address  LAW OF ATTRACTION.  Law of attraction is so important when you are a network marketer.  It’s important in all aspects of life, but we’ll leave that part for another day.  When you are dealing with the public, especially in the field of customer service, you HAVE to be the one that shines through all the darkness that looms over the world. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  Among the chaos of life, you have to be the one put together in order to be the light for others.   No matter what religion or divine influence you believe in, all humans have a general understanding of the law of physics. What you put out, you WILL get back.  So make sure you put out, the good stuff.

So let’s get started!  Here are some helpful tips, to boost your traffic to your Facebook.

Your cover picture should be something versatile so EVERYone can relate to it.  As amazing as it is to see your families, your companies, and your different personalities featured as your cover pic, when attracting the mass public, it’s an epic fail.  Here’s why.

Not everyone, can relate to families, a certain business or a certain topic.  If they cannot find something to relate to, more often than not, they leave your profile and never come back.You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s awfully mean”.  It’s not mean at all.  Everyone needs a reason to relate to another person in order to pursue that connection.  Including YOU! When you visit pages or profiles, or searches on Google, the visual attraction and the tagline is what attracts you to the content.  If it’s intriguing enough, you’ll stay and check things out.  Same with your profile!


Your Profile picture should be of YOU!  When new people see your profile, they need to be able to see the person they are connecting with.  If your profile picture contains other people, it may confuse them as to who you actually are.

I also recommend, changing your cover pic once a week.  This very simple action, believe it or not, keeps you in your audience’s remembrance on a regular basis.  This action also collects click traffic to your content.  This means that whenever you end up reusing one of your pictures, it gives people who haven’t liked that picture a chance to now like it.

When new people see the amount of likes to your content, they tend to respect your “popularity” even more and thereby creating a curiosity of who you are. This makes people want to keep coming back and follow you which increases your conversion rate.

Change your profile pic as well at least two or three times a month.  Change it up.  Let others know, you are an active person thriving just like them.

These are some basic if not already understood strategies to gain traffic to your Facebook, and have worked for me personally and hopefully if applied to yours, it will do the same for you too.

There are so many things I will share about online marketing, but I don’t want to bore you, so we’ll save the rest for another post.

Enjoy and hope these little bits help some of you.


What are some ways that you have found that works when marketing your business or brand on Facebook? I’d love to see them, so leave me your comments.
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