I’ve Been Poshed

I absolutely love trying new products and sharing my favorites with all of you!  Riss’s favorite things, if you will!  lol.  

Yesterday, I tried a product from a really great business and the customer service is absolutely top notch!  Not only is the Consultant a close friend but also an amazing professional.  Her name is Courtiney Ryan.

The product is called “THE STRIPPER” DTox Body Mud.  The official description is “Take it all off when you smooth on this creamy, detoxifying blend of muds and clays that help expel harmful pollution and reveal youthful, healthy skin. Some of our most popular pampering. She’s not for the faint of heart”!

What Does It Do?
Aggressively absorbs and removes free radicals from skin. Soothes and slows moisture removal with triglycerides and vanilla essential oil. With continued use supports cleaner, brighter skin, fewer blackheads and blemishes, and improved elasticity.

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Upon applying this product, I did notice a bit of a stinging sensation.  At first it was a very creamy application and was very easy to spread on my face. I enjoyed how it made my skin feel instantly. It felt like there was Eucalyptus in it.  I could definitely feel the pulling of my skin.  I also noticed the aroma of the mixture.  It literally smelled like lightly and well fragranced dirt.  I know what you’re thinking.  Eww dirt??  Yes, dirt!  I am telling you now, this product looks, smells, and feels like the earth!  And if you want a natural treatment for your skin, this is it right here!

After a few minutes of applying it, and as it dries, it feels very hard.  I love masks like that, because to me, it feels like it really is working. You can feel nature healing your damaged skin and I’m a girl.  I like that stuff lol….

Although, I didn’t see a visual result, I definitely felt it within and sometimes, honestly, that’s more important. Not everything has to be seen to know it’s working.  

If you are reading this, and you want a great quality Mud Mask, give “The Stripper” a try!  It’s worth every penny!


Tell Courtiney I said HI!!


Visit Courtiney’s Business Page!


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