My Cup of Tea

Anyone who knows me for even a whole day, knows I love my Coffee!  There’s just no mistaking that fact.  The instant coffee touches my lips, some sense of empowerment sweeps over me.  Nothing but pure bliss!

Well, mark your calendars, because tonight I broke my coffee streak and drank some of our Ginger & Lime Green Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea.

Ooohhh Em Geee!  Let me tell you how delicious this was!  It was literally sweet enough that it put this honeyish citrus flavor with a definite hint of ginger deep into my taste buds.  I can feel the natural healing properties working because my throat started to sting, and earlier today, I had a sore throat.  I find that to be very impressive.

I’m very excited to know I can use this batch of tea leaves even a couple more times.  Talk about saving money!  For being an obsessed coffee drinker, I’m sold!  I can’t wait to try the other flavors we have.

If you’d like to place and order, either click any of the highlighted text to get to our website.  If you decide to order, please choose Kristy Fortney as your consultant during the checkout process.  Thank you for your support and I’m looking forward to hearing your American Serenade experience.

“Where there’s tea there’s hope”
~~Wing Pinero


When is your favorite time to drink a cup of tea?
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